Class Blog Rules and Expectations

As a reminder, when you press PUBLISH, whatever you have written is out on the internet for all to see. In order to make sure that we are being respectful, responsible, and safe in blogs and in comments, always follow these rules:


  • Don’t say anything that might be offensive or hurtful to someone else.
  • Be considerate of others. When commenting, show others that you have read what they have written by speaking to something specific that they have written rather than just saying “great job”.
  • Be open to other people’s opinions, but be prepared to politely discuss your own position if you don’t agree.


  • You know about good grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Apply your knowledge!
  • Save abbreviations and shortcuts for texting.
  • You are broadcasting yourself to the world, and are representing our school at the same time. Present yourself and our school in the best possible light with every word you publish.


  • Do not use your last name.
  • Don’t be specific when writing about yourself. eg. Say: “I play basketball with a local team” rather than “I play for the Virginia Tigers”.
  • Never give anyone ANY of your contact information. You can keep in touch through the blog.
  • Do not post photos of others without their permission.

Finally, always remember that all of the guidelines outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy as set by Norfolk Public Schools School Board (found in your Student Code of Conduct book) apply at all times to your blogging activity.