Getting Started

Welcome, everyone, to our online process journal blogs for Future Problem Solving-Design 6.

I am very excited to begin the blogging process with you, as I believe that this will be something that will allow us to communicate more as classmates, and will let us have better communication throughout our FPS journey.

Good blogs and blog posts should be:

  • Focused on a single topic.
  • Able to be commented upon by readers.
  • Monitored and reflected on by the author.
  • Something that grows over time.

Good blogs and blog post should not be:

  • Scattered and unorganized.
  • Close-minded.
  • Written and then left alone.
  • Something you do with a short time commitment.

A good blog is something that allows you to look ahead in your journey, while still allowing for some glances back to see how you have grown over time.

With this in mind, your first task in your blog is to set it up to your taste. Go through the tutorials (found here for using the dashboard, here for changing the theme, here for inserting your first blog, and here for the differences between posts and pages), and set your theme however you want it, as long as it stays school appropriate.

Happy blogging! 🙂

-Mrs. Rivers

Step 2: Set up pages